How to assemble the Geo Mobile.

Place the Geo Mobile upright on a table. Hold it with one hand on the top, place the other hand on the mobile so that the tips of your fingers reach to the outer layer of the mobile. See photo 1.

Now push gently with your fingertips at the same time as you move them towards the centre, so that you fan the mobile out in an even way. It is a bit like playing the harp, think that you have to play all the strings from the outside until the centre. See photo 2.

When you get closer to the centre, cup your hand, so that you can apply a bit of pressure to spread out the last layers. See photo 3. Check that the mobile is gradually spread out until the centre has been turned 180 degrees from starting position (so it is in line with the outer layer). This instruction applies to all the shapes and sizes.



We recommend to check regularly that the mobile is hanging securely and to remove it if strong wind conditions are expected. This is not a toy! Please hang the mobile out of reach of children. Do not put babies or children under the mobile.


Looking after your mobile.

The Geo Mobile can be cleaned in the dishwasher, or flattened and cleaned with  Methylated Spirits and a cloth. If close to salt water we recommend to give it a coating  layer of WD40 or Lanolin Spray, reapply as necessary.